About Us

About Us

Danceblog Ng
founded in 2016 is the leading African Dance website that curates, promotes and highlights the African dance culture to the world and under the Danceblog Ng umbrella

It’s top best informative Dance web blog, visited by majority of Nigeria internet users, daily, and still counting.
We create spaces and opportunities for the dance community to learn, grow and celebrate together. We are committed to cultivating the broader dance landscape, and making dance a more sustainable profession for all involved.

The Blog inform you, and many other Internet Users, on latest happenings about Dance.

Danceblog Ng’s Vision, Mission and Values Statement

To inform, inspire and advocate for dancers and the greater dance world.

To be the global leader that Inform Dancers and also in producing dance content of the highest quality that educates both dancers and nondancers, gives audiences exclusive insider access to the art form and also enlightenment on the dance career.

Integrity: We are journalists creating stories that are expertly researched, edited and written.

Equity: We aspire to be as diverse as the dance community itself, and to shine light on the injustices within and around it. We strive for a culture of fairness, respect and inclusion.

Passion: We eat, sleep and breathe dance as much as our readers do.

Authenticity: We Communication with our fans, we interact with them. We want them to feel like they’re along for the ride on our Dance Journey and Mission

Collaboration: We work with artists and dance experts from across the field, and deeply value their expertise. We aim to foster an internal culture where everyone’s voice is heard and valued.

Innovation: We are endlessly curious about what’s new in media and dance, and aspire to be on the cutting edge of both.

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