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Benita Marcus(Born 26th March) Hail from Degema local government, River State, Nigeria. Is a Nigerian Dancer and Choreographer, Currently Studying Theatre and Film Studies at the University of Port Harcourt

Benita Marcus - Profile
Name: Benita Marcus

Born: 26th March

State: Rivers

Nationality: Nigeria

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Craft Designer (Rug making) CEO@berry-rugs

Interview Section

Tell us about your Dance Journey?

Well my dance journey haven’t been a smooth one because my mom wouldn’t hear of it, well not until I got a job as a dance instructor at true gold dance academy then she decided to give me a chance

My dance journey took shape when I joined my first dance crew back then in church in 2017, it was very demanding and at some point got exhausted but I found out I got better by each passing day,then I had this desire of having an all girls team which I actualized and got my official first team which I named Advanced Smilerz Squad(AVSS) we became very popular and attended many shows and all that, in 2018 the name changed to sisters with attitude, and from one story to another we all went to sch and that was itI continued dancing even in school, was appointed to Choreograph for a competition my school was going for and since then I’ve been a low key dancer

Awards and Achievements

Uhmmm no awards yet, an issue or another always popped up when I was nominated for best female dancer of the year @Believe dance awards, perhaps it wasn’t my time yet lol, but I felt a bit achieved when I performed @ basket mouth live in Port Harcourt and also been featured in a musical video,. It was much fun

Outstanding Dancers and Musical Artist worked with

Uhmm ok,about that,Natasha ufrancis Alexandra Pedro John David And for musical, I’ve worked with jewe and Aza,both of uptown entertainment

Dance Team?
Had one @Sisterswithattitude# but not anymore, we all went to school,lol

Role Model?

Tell us more about your kind of Dance?
My kind of dance which is naija otherwise known as afro contains different dances from different African cultures which is otherwise known as their traditional dance, this includes azonto, alkayida, kukere by iyanya, skelewu,shoki, shakuku and so on…

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