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29th August is a 3 in 1 Mega Dance Event – Imeak Gold

29th August is a 3 in 1 Mega Dance Event – Imeak Gold


The PH City Base Dance Boss have announced that 29th August is a 3 in 1 Mega Dance Event, happening in the city of Port Harcourt


1. Anna And The Prince 2 LIVE Ballet Production

Anna and The Prince 2 is a real LIVE dance story of Anna the seraph princess after losing the love of her life navigates through the famous African tribes of Zulu, Ashanti ,Luganda and Efik to combine the ancient powers of Mother Africa and forge back the Amulet of Unity in order to bring back Prince Richie and restore peace back to the lands defeating General Ibrahim and his plans for world domination.


CAST: Praise Greene, Richman Richard, Favour Onifade, Zephyr Micheal, Ogechi Worlu, Mercy Abang, Imeak Akpan.


Meet the super 6 characters in Anna & The prince 2 and read the amazing stories attached to it

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Meet Princess Anna


29th August is a 3 in 1 Mega Dance Event - Imeak Gold
Introducing Anna the seraph princess, after the love of her life was taken away from her, she decided to journey back to Africa. To restore life through the four great kingdoms of Africa(Zulu, Ashanti, Uganda, and Efik) She hopes, she’ll restore the life of love after going through these great kingdoms to gather the powers of nature.

Introducing Kandeke of Ghana

29th August is a 3 in 1 Mega Dance Event - Imeak Gold
Kandeke, queen mother of the Ashanti kingdom,a king maker and guardian of the golden stool of authority, chosen at a very young age and prepared all her life to be a symbol of greatness in the kingdom.kandeke wields the magical staff of mother Ghana that manipulate matter at will.Blessed with the wisdom of Solomon, Kandeke decides over the affairs of the Ashanti people and act as special advicer to the rules of the land.She secured the golden stool of authority with all the magic of the staff of mother Ghana.Her wisdom knows no bounds.


Introducing Malika Of Uganda 

29th August is a 3 in 1 Mega Dance Event - Imeak Gold
Malika the sorcerers daughter, first born of the sorcerers supreme of luganda tribe, she was gifted with the bracelet of enchantment as a sign of succession to become the next sorcerer supreme.
Taught in the mystic arts of spells manipulation and incantation, Malika a pure breed mystic is the guardian of the heart shaped herb which gives super human abilities and enhance spells.
After the death of her father, Malika ingest the heart shape herb and takes over as sorcerer supreme allowing her to defend her tribe from invaders who seek to destroy her people and abuse the power of the sacred herb.


Introducing Affiong of Nigeria 

29th August is a 3 in 1 Mega Dance Event - Imeak Gold
Affiong the Moon Goddess, and Mother of the Efik tribe of Cross River in Nigeria. She is believed to have special powers, including the ability to control the clouds and rainfall. She specialized in balance, restoration, weather, cleansing and fertility. She sends gentle rain that make the harvest grow and fills the rivers, but also fierce storms and floods to keep her enermies at bay. Affiong spirit lives in the body of a young woman and is considered a key figure by to the Efik people. Her magical powers can be summoned through her rain dance and her amazing staff called Esang.


Introducing Nandi of South

29th August is a 3 in 1 Mega Dance Event - Imeak Gold
Nandi the warrior princess, descendant of the great Shaka Zulu. Skilled fighter with enhanced speed, strength and agility. Protector of the sacred bull horn and the leader of the undead eyed Zulu Nation.
Princess Nandi was born bearing the Mark of Shaka fulfillment prophesy that whosoever bears the mark embodies the spirit of the king and shall rule all of Zulu Land. Nandi began her training at a very young age, trained by the very best warrior in hand to hand combat, archery and use of weapons.


Introducing General Ibrahim 


29th August is a 3 in 1 Mega Dance Event - Imeak Gold
Meet General IBRAHIM of the Amalgamation Army.
Watch @PhCity_DanceBoss himself plays the Villain in this intriguing story of Love, duty and desire to preserve the African heritage.


2. True Gold Ballet School Nigeria Annual Graduation


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3. Believe Dance Awards 2021

Believe Dance Awards is a show triggered to Recognize those who have Helped Dance Grow in the Community.

Here’s a picture recap of how it went down last year



So in the real sense Believe Dance Awards is the Combination of Anna and The Prince and The African Ballet Show, making it a 3 in 1 Mega Event,

Interesting right, am sure you don’t wanna miss this after knowing it content

Dance Event: Dance is Important


Date: Sunday 29th August
Venue: White Jade Event Center, G.U. Ake Road, Eliozu. Port Harcourt.
Time: 3pm


Regular: N3,000
VIP: N10,000
Table: N50,000
For Ticket Reservations and Table CALL or WHATSAPP 08135015604
True Gold Ballet School Nigeria

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