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Opus James – Profile

Opus Da Octopus

Below is Opus James – Profile, a Nigerian Dancer and CEO Octopus Dance Zone

Opus James 

Opus James Professionally known as “Da octopus”
Hail from Okuru Ama in Portharcourt local government area, Rivers State., a graduate of accountancy from Rivers State University.

Da Octopus is a Professional Dancer, Instructor and Dance Entrepreneur.
CEO Octopus Dance Zone, Situated in Port Harcourt.
Opus James - Profile

Dance Career

Da Octopus dance career blew off when he was admitted into Government Comprehensive Secondary School(2006)
In his Junior Secondary  School (Class 1), First Term he  met some guys break dancing. That was the first time he saw Nigerians doing breakdance live.
So he decided to practice what he saw.

After turns of self practice and mistakes, he met his elder brother and asked him to watch him break dance.
After watching he gave him a round of applause, then his passion for dance Grew.

He started off as a solo dancer,
Performing in Birthday Parties, Churches and Weddings.



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His dreams and new found life recieved threats as family was against it and that was because his Dad didn’t see dance as a Profession

The young dancer kept pushing despite threats from Dad, he recieved more than 100 Whips from his Dad because of the Dance Art.
That didn’t still stop him from Dancing,
The Dad saw the passion and positive drive behind his dreams, he became tired of Beating him and let him Continue with the Dance Art.

Meet The CEO Sledos Dance Studio

(2010). He met his team members – The Fragiles
Da Octopus in his words will say “they are more like brothers to me” .

Opus James - Profile
The Fragiles

That’s because They put him through  somethings he didn’t know about the Dance Industry and they introduce him to Sir Dan Kpodoh as well.

Sir Dan Kpodoh  carried on from where they stopped, trained him until he became a professional Dance Director and Entrepreneur. Now  the C.E.O Octopus Dance Zones located in Portharcourt.

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  • Winner maltina dance all season six (2012)
  • Member of the team (The Expandable) top six finalists at Nigeria got talent season One (2012).
  • Top five finalist, Dance with Peter, west Africa (2015).
  • Member of the team (Fragiles) that represented Nigeria at kpop world festival 2017 at south Korea.
  • C.E.O ( Octopus dance zone) Winners of kpop dance competition 2019, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Leader of the team ( New Age) that emerged second position in “Shift” dance competition hosted by R.C.C.G in 2016.
  • Winner, Channels tv independent day dance challenge.
  • Part of the team that won Alpha Starz dance competition in Portharcourt 2011.
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COUNTRY VISITED— South Korea (seol)

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His major dance styles are hiphop and afro but with knowledge of various dance styles which he had performed on both state and national stages such as; contemporary ballet, salsa, jive and traditional dances.

Da Octopus was trained to adapt to any kind of dance movement that comes his way. So he prefer being versatile rather than having a ” one dance style base”.

Da Octopus says “Versatility in Movement Is what can keep a Dancer in Nigeria going”.

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Talking about the dance industry; the dance industry comprises of:

  • Dancers
  • Dance Choreographers
  • Dance Instructors
  • Dance Directors
  • Cinematographers
  • Bloggers
  • Costumers
  • Managers, etc.

His Plan already in progress for the dance industry is to create Brands that are working and meaningful dance projects that will help create more productive Dance Entrepreneurs.

Presently, he has Octopus Dance Zone as an organization that is aimed at Entertaining and Teaching the Art of Dance to Dancers and Dance lovers Globally using the Internet.
The internet is the fastest way to reach out to the world from where ever you are.

Da Octopus believes that “The Dance Industry will Grow when every organization and Aspect of the Dance Industry improve in their Endeavor.

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Connect with Da Octopus Dance Zone on YouTube and Learn Awesome and Simple Dance Choreography

Opus James - Profile

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Opus James - Profile

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