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Clara Naths – Profile

Clara Naths

Below is Clara Naths – Profile, CEO Naths Art.

Clara Naths

Clara Naths . M . Allamogu(Born Feb. 6th)
Hail From Logi State.
Studied Mass Communication.

She’s the founder & C.E.O Naths Art Dance Company, a professional Ballerina dancer/teacher,a model, a social media Live host
(Clara Naths Show)& a business woman.

Clara Naths - Profile

She started out as a solo ballet dancer in 2005 & in 2010 she started her dance company NATHS ART.

Ever since, there have been documented achievements to her testament of hard work, determination consistency and resilience. She speaks and stands for excellence in dance & business and that we can see in her dance company NATHS ART today.

Her deep love and passion for dance, children & discipline made her focus on teaching ballet dance, to kids & adults.
[ ] She believes her assignment on earth is to use her God given gifts as a blessing to many and also by adding value, unveiling creativity & building skills with excellent.

Clara Naths - Profile
Name: Clara Naths .M. Allamogu

Born: February 6

Marital Status: Single

Nationality: Nigeria

Year Started Dancing: 2006

Dance Genre: Ballet

Country Visited: Dubai

Dance Team: Naths Art Grace

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Dance Career

She was first a dancer, then became a ballet dancer
She trained herself in ballet and also went for professional training. she loves to teach children ,she has been teaching  kids for 10 years now. She’s also a ballet pointe dancer, dancing on pointe gives her so much joy and that brings out the performance in her out.

Clara Naths - Profile

Dance Projects and Choreography

They produce three dance Production yearly, and all choreography is created by Naths Art instructors

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Awards and Achievements

  • A dance company running for 11 years and 3 standard dance studios and also a live show on my life as a dancer


Outstanding Dancers and Musical Artist Worked With

  • Coza Avalanche
  • Gbeng Adeyemi

Role Model

  • Misty Copeland
  • Kaffy

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Future Plans for Nigeria Dance Industry

She’s on a journey to building a standard ballet dance education for the children,ballet has come to stay for us here in Nigeria and Naths Art is Setting the roll right by doing it right every year. Naths Art is working with over 20 schools in Nigeria, by teaching the kids ballet.

Each of her students goes home with Dance Results every term. Naths Art is building and giving opportunity to children by letting see what kind of life they can have as a dancer

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Recent post from her dance academy

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Meet The CEO Sledos Dance Studio


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