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Why Dance Lack Investors in Nigeria – M9

Why Dance Lack Investors in Nigeria - M9

Why dance lack investors in Nigeria – M9


M9 shared his thoughts on why dance lack investors in Nigeria. I believe this will go along way resetting the mindset of Dancers in Nigeria

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An investor is a person or organization that puts money into financial schemes, property, etc. with the expectation of achieving a profit.

No investor would invest in a dance project or brand that would not generate profit, that’s why Maltina Dance All and other major dance competitions could not continue because they were not meeting their profit target.

The highest constant investment from companies in Nigeria now are the dance contests organised in Instagram where hundred dancers perform to a song to struggle to win 50k and above. LOL. Compare this to the music or comedy industry where they compete to win millions of naira.

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Dancers generally are too selfish. Not all but majority. They like free things, they just want to dance and get the money. They’re not ready to put their money into the process. If you say to win, financial voting is involved, they’ll all run away. If you even ask them to buy form of 10k to participate in a competition or register for dance business school, they’ll run away. Very selfish set of people.

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They just want to reap without sowing. Imagine the music shows like Nigerian Idol, The Voice and others, even the comedy shows, these guys spend money to vote and win. They pull their families, friends and fan base to vote for them. Try it with dancers, you’ll lose all your investment.

We need to change our approach to a lot of things. Otherwise, investors would not invest in dance events or shows or other activities. The golden rule of give and take must stand. So if dancers only want to take, they should be termed as thieves. If you as a dancer wants to see companies and big business brands invest in dance, show them you can make them make profit. That’s it! That’s all!

Eva Kobiruo Aghara (M9)
Founder/CEO M9 dance planet Organizer of both M9 Globe Awards and M9 Dance Age.

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