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Ediale Oriwoh – Profile

Ediale Oriwoh - Profile

Ediale Oriwoh – Profile

This is the profile of Ediale Oriwoh, a Dancer hail from Edo State.

Ediale Oriwoh(Born, Feb 28th, 1987) is  a dancer, choreographer in training, artiste educator, graphic, sound and video designer.
He’s from Edo State, Esan North East, Nigeria.

Studied Agricultural and Bio-Environmental Technology(HND) at Waziri Umaru Federal Polytechnic, Benin Kebbi.

Ediale Oriwoh is  a teacher at Foundations Academy, Jos Plateau state and  Also a teacher in Grace and Hope American Academy.

Ediale Oriwoh - Profile

Name: Ediale Oriwoh

Origin: Esan North East, Edo State.

Country: Nigeria

Marital Status: Single

Educational Details: Studied Agricultural and Bio-Environmental Technology(HND)

Occupation: Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher, Graphic Designer, Sound and Video Designer

Organization: Incredibles creative and performing arts.

Role model – Michael Jackson

Dancers Worked With

  • Trace Gambo
  • Spinoza Gambo
  • Majid Williams bodun
  • Paul Gambo
  • Patience Ebute
  • Enoyong Ekpeyong Eboyong
  • Ted Okepero
  • Matthew Gyang
  • Isaac Jiga
  • Miracle Nelson
  • David Nosiri

Dance Career

He started dancing far back as a child.
His journey as a dancer has not only been a blissful ride but a lesson all along the way. Growing up as a dancer made him realise that there’s more in us than our eyes and minds can conceive.

He started of as a Dance Crew Leader in 2004 to 2006, with his crew members known as Tru-Knights crew. After that they evolved to Dream Walkers crew in 2018 to 2013. All of this took place in Sokoto state, Nigeria.

Ediale Oriwoh started dancing professionally in 2012, when he discovered that dance was beyond where he was. He came across a dance studio in Abuja, where he met his first dance teacher Mr. Ted. It was there that he discovered that dance is a diversity all in itself. He trained in contemporary and salsa.
Had the opportunity to perform on ReDance Africa stage, Abuja 500 trade fair.

Country Visited


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About His Dance Style and Choreography

On our Interview with him, Ediale Oriwoh clearly said that there’s no Name to his Dance

“There’s no name to my dancing. I storngly believe in movement and freedom. However I a lead to move, feel and let loose, I get into it.”

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Ediale Oriwoh Plans for The Dance Industry

The future plans that he has for the dance industry is to have her be structured, relevant and valued.

Dance Projects

The dance  projects he has worked on are Dance Lab and the choreographic process.

Ediale Oriwoh - Profile

Dance lab is an annual training program for dancers in business, the art and individuality as a dancer and your values. Creating a sense of importance to dancers and make them realise that their gift has the power to invoke powers of thoughts, events, dreams, peace, love and hope in  the hearts of people.

The choreographic process is a focused based training program that centres on building aspiring dance choreographers in the dance industry. Knowing their roles to play as dance dictators/designers

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