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Build a Dance Business – Frank Robert

Don’t get a Dance Job, Build a Dance Business - Frank Robert

Don’t get a Dance Job, Build a Dance Business – Frank Robert


Sir Frank Robert, Host of Dance Business School speaking on Building a Dance Business “Don’t get a Dance Job, Build a Dance Business”

How often do big dance jobs come by these days?

Dance Industry Hierarchy:

1. Dance Entrepreneur
2. Dance Studio Owner
3. Dance Creative Director
4. Dance Choreographer
5. Dance Instructor
6. Dance Teacher
7. Dance Costumier
8. Dance Stage Desiger
9. Dance Photographer
10.Dance Blogger
11.Dancer/ Entertainer

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To settle as a dancer alone is to sign up for poverty for life. Most of the dance celebrities you know, are not just dancers, they’re more than what you see on social media. So be more!

The real difference is in the mind set. Every business owner has a different attitude. Here’s one of the most important thing that successful business owners do: A business owner uses income to develop capital. The whole point is to generate wealth through satisfying the needs of customers or clients. It is not that income doesn’t matter to a business, of course it does, it’s what is done with it that’s the different.

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Be more!

Be more than just a dancer, seek to build a business from your dance. I and my colleagues have shared some things you need to do in order to create a niche for yourself in the market place. Don’t follow the crowd! Stop the copy and paste creative! Create something unique, stylish and valuable that people can buy.

Nigerian Dancers Graduating This Month

Be Different!

If you’re the same you can’t be richer than them. If you’re different, the market will look for you. So be different! Don’t blend in, Stand out! Be a unique version of yourself. Seek knowledge! Ignorance is the main reason dancers are frustrated today. They say dance “No Dey Pay” so they look for other means to get income. Knowledge is the difference between the poor and the rich.

Refine your gift and it will define your destiny!

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