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Mathew Gyang(a.k.a Speedboat) – Profile


Mathew Gyang(a.k.a Speedboat) – Profile

This is the profile of Mathew Gyang(a.k.a Speedboat)

Mathew Gyang(Born 7th February, 1983) Professionally Known as Speedboat, hail from Jos North, Plateau State is Professional Dancer and a Civil Servant.
He has a B.A in Theatre Arts and started Dancing in 1999.

Mathew Gyang(a.k.a Speedboat) - Profile

Name: Matthew Gyang a.k.a Speedboat

State of Origin: Plateau state

LGA: Jos North

Born: 7th February 1983

Educational Details: B.A Theatre Arts

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Civil Servant

Year Started Dancing: 1999 – Active

Organization: Plateau state Troup, Stone-E’zel, Theatre 15

Dance Career:

He has being inclined to the performing Arts since his secondary school days when he regularly featured In a French Drama Competition. He soon joined the popular Young Inheritance Cultural Troupe founded by Mr Yakubu Pada who was impressed by his extraordinary abilities of learning 15 different dance styles in two weeks.

While he was under the tutelage of the Young Inheritance Cultural Troupe, he toured and performed alongside older members of the troupe in different parts of the nation. He moved to Dantala and Group in 2002, all based in Jos.

In 2003, Matthew made his debut appearance on the National scale, as he was part of the Plateau contingent to the All African Games (COJA) and was later seconded to the National Troupe of Nigeria the same year as a Guest Artiste from the Plateau State Cultural Troupe.

He has played lead role in the dance act of National Troupe of Nigeria.
After his two years of secondment at the National Troupe of Nigeria, he was appointed an instructor, a
capacity in which he served for 12 years, performing alongside other leading artiste in the National Troupe of Nigeria in different parts of the country and other nations.


Outstanding Dancers and Musical Artist worked with:

  • -Yakubu Nyango
  • -Segun Adefila Oriada
  • -Kevin Paradang
  • -Seun Awobajo
  • -Micheal Atsi
  • -Gideon Gambo “Spinoza”
  • -Luka Azango
  • -Majid ‘LightX’ Biodun
  • -Trace Gambo
  • -Ediale Oriwoh
  • – Patience Ebute “P clef”
  • Dr Arnold Udoka
  • Chuck Mike’s
  • Abubakar Usman
  • Zole Zoo
  • Dayo Liyade (a.k.a Ijodee)
  • Victor Fulu, etc

Awards and achievement:

  • Best Dancer 2011
  • Best Choreographer 2012

Country Visited:

  • USA
  • Cuba
  • Brazil
  • Dubai
  • Zambia
  • Japan
  • China
  • Germany
  • Egypt
  • Ghana
  • Tunisia
  • Ethiopia
  • India
  • Lebanon
  • Congo
  • South Africa
  • Italy.

Role model:

  • Dr Arnold Udoka
  • Abubakar Usman

Genre of Dance :

  • He’s into traditional and Afro-contemporary dance

Mathew Gyang (a.k.a Speedboat) Plans for the Dance Industry

His Plan is to train the younger generation who are proud of their culture and traditions (who they are) by transforming the profession/industry into something that people will come to respect and cherished as one of the source of revenue for the country.

Dance Project and Choreography:

In 2017, one of my works won the first position for the North Central Division at the Radio, Television and Theatre Arts Festival (RATTAFST) with the theme “PEACE” .

In 2018 he choreographed the plateau state carnival unveiling, using our different religions as a power for unity.

He has choreographed a lot of dance projects using our present religious conflict which is now the Bane causing dichotomy/distrust amongst Nigerians.

Mathew Gyang(a.k.a Speedboat) – Profile

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