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Fergus – Profile

Sartim Ndam(Born 23rd of June, 1996) Professionally known as Fergus is a Nigerian Dance Artist, Hail from Langtang South LGA, Plateau State, Nigeria.
Had is Primary Education in God’s Way Nursery and Primary, COCIN Gigiring, Hwolshe Jos, then his Secondary Education at Webster College popularly known as NAKAM Memorial Secondary School and Proceeded to The University of Jos where he Acquired a Diploma in Mass Communication.

Fergus is Currently rounding up his Degree Program in Theatre and Film Arts still in the University of Jos

Fergus - Profile

Name: Sartim Ndah (Fergus)

Born: 23rd June, 1996

Origin: Plateau State, Langtang South LGA.

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Dance Artist, Actor, Set/Props Designer

Year Started Dancing: 2015 – Active

Dance Career

He never knew he could dance when he was growing up.
He started having flare for dance inĀ 2013, then he decided to be part of a simple choreo which they presented in a wedding.

After that, friends started telling him that he was a good dancer. He loved the sound of that and got Motivated.

So little by little he got more interested. That was when he discovered that he could move. Then he started learning movements and training in his bedroom.

Then a choreographer Dakuba Francisco discovered him at Jos carnival and invited him to join his crew which he happily accepted. In a short time, he went for an audition for a dance production with FLYHIGH DANCE BRAND in Jos, as they were in need of more dancers for the event. After the event, then he was retained to join the Brand. Since then, Hence, he has been receiving more training from the brand.

The journey as a dance artist has not been easy because gaining recognition was one of the difficult part of success in the industry. And because of his environment that doesn’t appreciate dance more, the dance business not being so lucrative. But he still kept on pushing through.

Award and Achievement

  • Best Male Dancer From Twilight SAGA with Mc Unik
  • Got NominatedĀ  for an Award(2021) Awaiting Outcome
  • He was part of an online dance battle that covered 7 African countries during the lockdown last year. And he emerged as the second champion of “HIT DA BEAT AFRICA” Dance Battle 2020.

Dancers Worked With

  • Ediale Oriwoh (Eddy)
  • Elvis Omokhai (Cally)
  • Falilat Shitu
  • Dada Kelvin
  • Mathew Gyang
  • Shadez Aminu.

As for musical artist, He worked with a Gospel singer Mrs Evelyn Mancha Webster.

Country Visited

None Yet

Dance Team

He’s a Member of FLYHIGH DANCE BRAND, and he has also work with some dance teams as well

Which includes: Pdam(Professional Dance Art Movement), De Afrikaans and Daylight Dance Ministry.

Fergus Plans for the Dance Industry

Firstly, he really want to be of great influence in the dance industry and then get to teach others who are seeking for training and knowledge on dance. (Though he has started in his little way).

Secondly, he will like to give scholarship to younger ones to train in the best dance schools and institutions home and abroad. when he have the capacity to do so, he said.

Thirdly, he wants to build dance studios and donate to dance teams that he feels are ambitious and serious about dance, who are without a good rehearsal place.

Lastly, he’ll like to teach people the business of dance and how to survive as a dance artist in this era, and to create ways at which they can get some opportunities to improve financially.
For now, these are his plans.

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About His Dance Projects and Choreography

He’s a versatile dancer, but his major dance styles are Contemporary and African traditional dances.
He also does a little of salsa, hip hop, and afro pop.

Actually, contemporary dance gives him the door to express his self better.

In our recent research and interview we found out from him that he feels happy, satisfied and more fulfilled when dancing through improvisation.

Watch this Piece Below

Last month, he had a dance concert in Jos. That dance piece seeks to answer the question of why we neglect some elements of our dance culture to embrace foreign cultures fully. Just wanted to remind us not to forget our roots as Africans in our dance displays.
He’s also planning on creating more dance pieces and Choreography that will touch humanity and speak to their hearts about things happening within then and inside them which they may be blind to see or dead to feel them.

He’s an advocate for Reawakening.

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Dance Studio

His team was given the Gym at Chillers portakabin (which is one of their sponsors) in Jos to serve as their studio, as it is spacious.

The dance lessons they offer are:
Afro pop and latin dance styles, but they’re planning on starting contemporary dance lessons very soon.

Fergus - Profile

Which I’ll keep you updated!

Stay tuned on this website to get more updated information about Dance

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