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Bboy Spinoza – Profile

Meet Bboy Spinoza

Gideon ‘Spinoza’ Gambo(Born 23rd October, 1990) professionally known as Bboy Spinoza is a Nigerian Dance Artist, Creative and Relational Consultant, With a Bsc in Microbiology.

Bboy Spinoza - Profile
State and LGA
Plateau, Langtang South

Date of Birth
23rd October, 1990

Educational Details
BSc. Microbiology

Marital Status

Creative and Relational consultant

Year Started Dancing
2008 – Active

Dance Career

Bboy Spinoza dance journey has  been one of trial and error, some part of it i must say a bit frustrating at the time but it has made him who he’s today.

He has  learned over years why we’ve failed in different aspects and how we need to correct it.

Early exposure to bigger platforms such as battle of the year  helped in his growth mentally and physically as a dancer, it taught him the need to build a niche and the need to have an identity.
Time has proven in many ways the use of such exposure as it makes one knowledgeable in specific areas of the craft.

Dance has been a lifestyle to him since when he discovered it and that’s why he’s still active till date and will always be.

Bboy Spinoza - Profile

Awards and Achievements

Trans-Africa Best Dance Teacher 2019

Outstanding Dancers Musical Artist worked with

  • Funsho Olokesusi
  • Patience ‘Pclef’ Ebute
  • Ediale Oriwoh
  • Victor Invincible
  • Aminu ‘Shade’ Ibrahim
  • Bboy JC Jedorski
  • Bboy Rikrok Glaren
  • Bboy Djappa Auleren
  • Bboy Renus Bbosa
  • Mathew Gyang
  • Trace Dayebga Gambo
  • Paul ‘Palo’ Gambo
  • Majid ‘LightX’ Biodun
  • Valentine ‘Cruxx’ Daniel
  • David Kyenle Galadima

Country Visited

None Yet

Dance Team

  • 3ple DKz
  • J-town Allstars
  • Locking FreakZ
  • Krewsaderz

Role Model

  • Bboy Dyzee
  • Martha Graham

About His Dance Genre

Breaking is an expression of music through style and acrobatic/athletic moves, it is one of the foundational blocks of Hip Hop as a culture; Breaking in itself is not just a style it is a culture of exchange, peace, unity and having fun. The most intriguing part of it is it allows 110% individuality, that is no two practitioners on earth do it the same way. It is mainly recognized by its elements which are Toprock, Downrock, Freezes and Powermoves.

Spinoza Plans for The Dance Industry

One of them is correcting the current mindset a lot of dancers are operating on; the mindset of depending on trends made by music artist. Dance can be a self sustainable industry only when we begin to see it that way.

About His Dance Projects and Choreography

His Dance Projects currently active at the moment are Book Writing and Events, the major event is themed AFRICAN TITANS, it is an event were dancers meet to celebrate the African expression of their individual styles. It features battles, exhibitions, showcases and talks.

African Titans

His Choreography is basically a reflection of who he is, his experiences, exposure and beliefs through the styles he has trained through over the years. Hechoreograph funk styles and also assist in performance design.

Bboy Spinoza doesn’t have a Studio and do not offer dance classes.

Bboy Spinoza - Profile

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