Dance Workshop

All you need to know about WHAT IS DANCE WORKSHOP – Ehmi Khid Art Foundation

What Is Dance Workshop

All you need to know about WHAT IS DANCE WORKSHOP – Ehmi Khid Art Foundation

As a part of my career and Ambition, Interviewing and celebrating creatives who are using their Dance Arts to inspire millions across Nigeria and Beyond.

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Danceblog Ng attended the “WHAT IS DANCE WORKSHOP”  first edition and sat down with the host himself to listen to his story as an artist and what the dance workshop is all about in an Interview Session

The young dancer revealed his plans for the dance industry and the Workshop being his first move,

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Do you’ve plans for the Dance Industry in Nigeria?

Yes i do have great plans for the dance industry in Nigeria
One of it already unfolded which is the *WHAT IS DANCE WORKSHOP*  that is here to change alot of misconception in dance and answer a lot of questions in dance as well.

What is the aim of this Workshop?

The whole aim is “Unveiling the true art of Dance”.
Educating dancers not just to know how to dance(practically) but also know the ethics and theoretical aspect of dance as well.

Meet The Key Role Players of This Workshop

The WHAT IS DANCE WORKSHOP is initiated to bringing back the core values of Dance.
The basic truth is which dance was built on
Cause when people hear of a dance workshop they’ve in mind to come and learn a dance choreography but this workshop is beyond that

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Its correcting the misconception about dance and laying the foundation again for dancers to build on.

What Inspired you to Take on This?

I was fade up seeing dancers who can’t defend their ART. It’s sad that all they want to do is just dance but lack knowledge of the Art they claim they represent.
That is why is tagged “Unveiling the true art of Dance”

What should we expect in the second edition?

2nd Edition In Honor of Victor Ace

Expecting nothing less in the second edition.
It keeps getting better

As the second Edition is in honor of Late Victor Ace(The official photographer and key player in the Workshop who died on his way Back to Abuja after the Workshop in Port Harcourt)

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