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“E don tey I don de dance inside my mama belle “how true is this? – Jeremiah Moses

Are Dancers Born or Made?


The Nature Nurture controversies of dance has been a debate many scholars had tried to solve for centuries .

Infact in Nigeria (Akwa Ibom) I often hear dancers make statements like I am a born dancer“E don tey I don de dance inside my mama belle “how true is this ?

For better clarification we need to understand this Phrase “DANCE” n “DANCER

What is Dance ?
Dance is a conscious Movement of the body in response to any sound in a sequence Through Time and space (Jeremiah..2020) It is pertinent to note that dance is an overt and covert behavior.

simple a dancer is any person Who expresses his feeling ideas perception n attitude to an audience through movement.
Man was born ” Tabula rasa” and so Behaviours are learnt over time As a graduate of psychology I authoritatively say that behaviors are learnt.

To help explain my point I will use a theory to answer this question if time permits.
“Albert Bandura Social learning Theories”

Albert Bandura said that behaviors are learnt from the environment through the process of observational learning. children observe people around them behave in various ways this people are called models .This models can be family ,friends neighbors TV etc of course in elementary social studies it’s called Socialization.

Children pay attention to this models and copy their behaviour and when they are alone, they try and imitate the copied behaviour.

So when a child of 4 years sees someone dancing around him or her this data is recorded in the Hippocampus which is responsible for learning and memory and at a given time when a song is played you see d child moving his or her hands just as the model whom he/she had already seen and when the child grows he starts dancing.

Note Until You have performed consistently in front of an audience either Church or any organization you are not a Dancer .

So what makes one a dancer🤷‍♂️

D> Discipline; all dancer must be discipline
A>Attitude; all dancers must have a right kind of attitude towards dance and people around them
N>Neutrality; a dancer must adapt to any genre of dance task given

C=Creativity` a dancer must have a sense of touch his/her imagination should find wings

E>Entertain; a dancer puts life into d audience

More also a dancer needs to have all d basic or major elements of dance which is Energy, Attitude, Synchronization, Texture, beat counting ,Timing etc

So if dancers are born how will they know this things if not taught?

How will they know the name of the dance like Pirouette plie and other dance names ?

How will they know the kind of formations to use ?

CONCLUSION no one is a reservoir of Knowledge So if u say dancers are inborn then you don’t need to learn anymore for in as much you learn different style of dance everyday of your life as a dancer you are no Born dancer..


Written by: Moses Jeremiah 

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