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Repeating a failed strategy is a total waste of time – M9 Speaks on World Dance Day

World Dance Day

World Dance Day!

As world dance day comes, it’s supposed to be a day when dance practitioners will reflect on the issues hindering the growth of dance in the country, and find practical solutions to those issues by setting processes or ideas in place to tackle those issues.

For us in Nigeria, it’s not supposed to be a day to go out in mass, to the streets and other places, to dance again. We’ve done that for over a decade and it has brought nothing really meaningful to the dance art. Repeating a failed strategy is a total waste of time, energy and resources.

For instance, every other professional and business wing in the country has a functioning association that regulates and make policies for the good of the body. Even garri sellers, down to wheelbarrow pushers. But dancers don’t have. Efforts to create one has always failed. Doesn’t it border you?

As world dance day comes up, let’s use the opportunity to agree again, try again, and set in motion systems that dance can strive on.

We shouldn’t be dancing when our roof is leaking.

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