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How would you define a big dance event?

Here’s my personal opinion.

1. Audience capacity.
The capacity of the personalities seated in the audience. By this I mean important personalities in the society. If the audience is made up of 1000 dancers, we can call it a big dance workshop or conference, not a big dance event.

2. Ticket prices.
The prices of tickets in the event tells you the level of the event. A big dance event must sell expensive tickets. And an event that’s FREE cannot be considered a big dance event no matter the number of people that attended, except it has huge financial sponsors who decided to make entry free base on certain reasons.

3. The Venue.
The venue of the event must be magnificent with state-of-the-art facility and equipments.

4. Performers.
The level of performers in the event must consist mainly of exceptional big acts with strong popularity and personality.

5. Organization.
The event must be well organized, from the publicity, packaging and delivery on the deal day.


It takes years of building your brand, building and maintaining influential relationships, gaining credibility to deliver, and being original before one can organize big dance events. It’s not a first attempt thing, although it’s possible to achieve at first attempt if one already has the structure in place.

When planning a dance event, our target audience shouldn’t mainly be dancers. Our target audience should comprise mainly of top government agencies, officials, private business CEOs, big societal personalities, men, women and youths.

Any dance event where the audience are mostly dancers has very low relevance in the society. Even the ticket price will be very cheap. Such dance events are just like secondary school reunion party.

In the past, I’ve organized such events. Hall filled with dancers. Noise everywhere! But financially, nothing to show forth. In terms of building business connections for my brand, still nothing to show forth.

AY Live sells a table for 1 to 5 million naira. The target audience in the event are not comedians. Davido and others also sell million naira tickets table. Their target audiences are not musicians.

How did they manage to do it? I don’t have the details, but I believe with brand credibility and building connections with who matters over a long period of time can get your dance brand off the waters of high school reunion party.

Start planning because that’s where to be.

Two years does not go by without the individual music and comedy top brands doing an event to resell their brands to their fans and contribute to the overall growth of their respective industry.

If all the top dance brands can take a leaf from that, organize an event once a year or every two years, it will boost the dance industry further forward.

It’s high time dancers stop looking for events they want to perform in. It’s time to create your own events, and invite different acts to climb your stage.

Though I’m not a fan of the practice of dance crew, my preference is on dance company, but if a dance crew with 5 members organize an event, they already have at least 100 persons who’ll attend if 20 persons each of them knows come to the event. That’s a great start! ☺

We still have 7 months left in 2021, it’s not too late to start planning to organize your dance event.

According to Noel, the X factor organizer, “the most important thing is Vision. Without vision, nothing can really work and last.

So the question is, what’s the vision your dance brand is built on? “

Thanks for reading.

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