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We don’t have Dance Industry in Nigeria Yet – M9

We Don't Have a Dance Industry In Nigeria Yet

If we look at it in the right definition, application and characteristics, we don’t have a dance industry yet in Nigeria.

An industry has a structure it operates on, piloted by different unifying bodies or groups, who set rules and operational guidelines here and there for the overall benefit of the industry players.

In dance, we don’t have that and we’re not even thinking towards that area of excellence. What we have mostly is dancers running dangerously around looking for shows, shooting cheap dance videos, begging musicians to feature them in their videos, looking for online competition to win 100k, forming boss and bosses with nothing to show as financial or substantial achievements, riding in pride with empty bank account, and the few who have made a major difference are selfish, not wanting to truly empower others or organize others for a big growth in the dance weak industry.

Anyway, I don’t blame those at the top who don’t want to carry others along because the ones at the bottom are mostly filled with pride and arrogance and self importance that’s not there.

For us to have an effective dance industry, a lot needs to change.

First, our mentality and accept working towards a goal for the good of everyone and generations unborn.

Second, respect for people above and a mind to learn with humility.

Thirdly, we must invest good money in our various dance companies and work hard to get profit from our investments. We must invest in our dance studios and build administrative

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