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TENSION! Is your dance brand Validated

Is your dance brand validated?

Any dance group that’s not registered with Corporate Affairs Commission as a business has no long term future. It’s like a sailor’s boat that has leakage problem. Very soon, all the crew members will jump off for safety or in search of new pasture.

And you’ll agree with me that this scenario has repeated itself in our dance industry for decades. It gives the illusion of going forward but we’re actually going nowhere.

Everyone who claim to have dance at heart should register their dance outfit as a business and run it the way a business is managed. It will not only earn you money. It will fix one of the problems dance has faced in Nigeria for decades.

Imagine someone ask you to send account details, and you forward your dance brand account details. They’ll know you’re truly in for business.

Although the reasons are plenty, one major reason why dance has not really reached a place of societal relevance is because just about 1% are registered with Corporate Affairs Commission as dance businesses. And only same 1% has company’s bank account.

So if government agencies wants to even give loans and grants, it can’t get to 99% of dancers because they’re not regarded as legal businesses.

The day I registered M9 dance planet with Corporate Affairs Commission as a business, and went ahead to create the business bank account, my perspective about dance changed.

The practice of “dance group” is old fashion, and we’ve seen its best which is, it breaks at a point and everybody goes into doing their own thing or something different entirely.

And for decades, this has contributed to the backwardness dance is facing in Nigeria. Dance groups are hardly registered because it’s built around a temporary mentality. It’s built around the mindset of “our own” instead of “my own”.

If dance groups are serious about their commitment, let them register it as a business brand with Corporate Affairs Commission, and let’s see whether the leadership won’t take absolute responsibility for its growth; which will consequently add to the growth of dance in Nigeria.

Please note, the growth of dance in Nigeria has nothing to do with how good people can dance, but how good the dance structures the dancers have built.

Let me make reference to the comedy industry. Do you know most of them are registered as business entities? Same goes for the music wing and movie industry 🤷🏻‍♂️. Should we then say that’s one of the reasons they put so much sacrifice and efforts to succeed? The answer is a YES!

To register your dance outfit as a business with Corporate Affairs Commission is less than 20k. If you’re very serious about your involvement with dancing, you can do it in less than a month.

However, for this to happen, almost all the dance groups on ground may have to break, and the dancer who is determined to make a change should start afresh and register the dance group as his business, or two persons can own it, but I’ll advise for single ownership to avoid future problems. Having done that, call for dancers to work with while you pay them for their work with your dance business. Groups who feel they can own the dance business together can still remain together, and do it together, but I personally don’t advice that because the heart of man is unpredictable.

Whichever way, we must find a way to build new ways of doing this dance otherwise it will die in our hands the same way it died in the hands of the dancers before us.

Lastly, let me note that almost all the dance brands that organize a big dance event, year in, year out, are registered as businesses with Corporate Affairs Commission. Don’t take my word for it. Do your research. And this gives them an extra push to find ways to remain in business, to be relevant on a constant basis.

I don’t know if I made a point. But we have to try new ideas to make dance grow in the country since it’s obvious the old way of doing things didn’t really do anything durable.

Thanks for reading.

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