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M9 Globe Awards, Strictly VIP – M9

M9 Globe Awards

As M9 Globe Awards comes to Limelight and highly anticipated by Key Players in the Dance Industry,
The Host announced to the general public on his social media platforms saying,
“Anybody who seat in the audience of the M9 Globe Awards , earned it. Strictly VIP audience”.

He says 80% of the expected audience will be ready before the tickets go public.

Undoubtedly, the M9 Globe Awards is set to bring glamour and excellence to the Nigeria dance industry, and it will be the beginning of many revolutionary ideas that dancers will birth to rebrand the dance art in the country, and consequently, this will increase the rating of the dance art in Nigeria and in the global creative community.

Dance is a tool that can rescue so many young people in times like these when unemployment, hunger and hardship is leading many youths into criminal activities and all sort of crimes. Aside the joy it brings, that’s one of the reasons we’re committed into this.

M9 Globe Awards, Strictly VIP - M9
M9 Globe Awards being the most talked about dance event recently online.
I know you may have Questions Like,

  • What’s M9 Globe Awards all About?
  • How To Participate?
  • Vision and Mission Statements?
  • Is it Legit?
  • Who is the Host?
  • When is it taking place?

Well, below we’ll be providing our readers and interested dancers what’s the M9 Globe Awards is all about and everything you need to know about it and to say if it’s Legit or not, I believe the level of Transparency that comes with this event so far should be able to convince us that it’s LEGIT.

About M9 Globe Awards

The M9 Globe Awards is an award established by M9 Dance Plannet to recognize spectacular works and contributions in the Nigerian Dance Industry

The award is orchestrated to spread the understanding, appreciation and advancement of the contribution of the dance Art to Nigeria culture, from recognizing the utilization of the expertise and resources of dancers and key players in the industry, channelled onto building creativity and resourcefulness among dance practitioners, to enhancing the artistic value of the dance profession

To participate in the M9 Globe Awards, you need just two steps to kick start the process.

1. Make sure you have an active Instagram account. Just sign up in the app.

2. This account must have good dance contents.


If you don’t have an Instagram account, you can quickly create one in few minutes.

If you don’t have dance contents, you can as well get to work, and start making good dance videos.

Road to the grand finale.

1. Participation in the M9 Globe Awards is not via registration or video submission but via nomination.

2. There are 6 categories.
1. Futuristic dancer of the year
2. Dance group of the year
3. Dance studio of the year
4. Dance event of the year
5. Dance video of the year
6. Dance choreographer of the year

3. After nominations are made, the Nominee Selection Panel will screen the nominees and choose the five nominees who best met the award criteria in which they’ve been nominated.

4. The chosen five will then move to the voting phase. A vote costs N50 and the voting process lasts for ONLY 7 days.

5. The nominee with the highest vote wins the award plaque and gets 100k cash prize for winning.

6. The award plaque and cash prize will be presented at the M9 Globe Awards event.

For video of the year, choreographer of the year, futuristic dancer of the year and dance group of the year, a link of the video you’re nominating shall be submitted in our website during the nomination process. The nominee selection panel will then look at it in your page and check whether it meets the award criteria. If it did and makes the top 5, then the submission is qualified into the voting phase. For dance event of the year and dance studio of the year, just mention the event or studio, the nominee selection panel will look into it and pick the five who best meets the award criteria. From here, the nominee with the highest votes win the award.

Vision and Mission Statements

The big picture of the M9 Globe Awards is to establish a culture of excellence in the Nigeria dance industry, working side by side with dance practitioners, dance brands, stakeholders, private and government agencies, and the general public.

We are proactive to make every dance practitioner and every dance brand shoot for excellence through our strategic revolutionary practical ideas and beneficial engagements with dance practitioners, dance brands, stakeholders, private and government agencies, and the general public.

Now you know what it’s all about and how to go about it,
Do you also know that the M9 Globe Awards will be hosted together with M9 Dance Age in honour of Jaycee of Blessed memory who performed on the first Edition together with his twin brother Jinxx and the team PSK

M9 Globe Awards

Oh interesting right?
The host made a shocking revelation that the estimated amount for the Event hits about 7 Million plus
And do I need to remind you again that it’s not a government show or Empowered by the Federal Government or any Cooperate Organization.

I’ll say we still have Dancers willing to invest heavily into the Dance Structure

Stay Active on this Page for latest update about the event

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