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my dad nearly disowned me because of the Dance Art – Ehmi Khid shared

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My Dad nearly disowned me because of the Dance Art – Ehmi Khid shared

my dad nearly disowned me because of the Dance Art - Ehmi Khid shared

Anosike Emmanuel Chigozirim(Born 18th July) Popularly known by his stage name as Ehmi Khid. Is a Nigerian Dancer, Choreographer, Dance Instructor and Fitness Coach.

He’s best known for hosting one of the most talked about Dance Workshop in Nigeria “WHAT IS DANCE WORKSHOP” [2020]

my dad nearly disowned me because of the Dance Art - Ehmi Khid shared


Name: Anosike Emmanuel Chigozirim

Born: 18th July

State: Abia/Umuahia North

Nationality: Nigerian

Alma Mater: Maritime Academy

Majored: Computer Engineering

Occupation: Dancer, Choreographer, Fitness Coach, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Cinematographer, brand developer, content creator, make up artist, pencil artist, poet, spoken word artist, model, (in general he is Art personified) and kids coach.

Years Active: 2009 – Present

Organization: Ehmi Khid Art Foundation

Marital Status: Single

Early life an Education

Ehmi Kid was born and raised in Nigeria .He completed his primary education at Good Shepherd Nursery and Primary School and his secondary school education at Silver Brand Model School,  before attending Maritime Academy and obtain his degree on Computer Engineering.

He grew up with the aim of becoming a Dancer.



Ehmi Khid’s dancing career took off after he won a competition at Age 3 in Port Harcourt

He always wanted to dance and make it a career but his parents never gave him the chance to.


On this section, he shared his dance challenges and how he overcame them

In 2009, I took dance professionally but the discouragement and threats from family keeps growing,

They keep saying can dance put food on the table.

But I scaled through with the help of my sister and elder brother who usually cover up for me when I sneak out for rehearsals.

It was a big fight, that I was nearly disowned by my dad because I kept on Dancing.

But I pushed and scaled through when my family start seeing the change in me and the passion that was just too different.

I started working and had more chance to Dance and explore more with my dance crew IHI Dance Crew R/S

my dad nearly disowned me because of the Dance Art - Ehmi Khid shared

He shared what motivated him to Dance and Who his Role Model is!

What motivates me to dance is myself when I was a kid.

So I said to myself  “All these struggles are meant to cause change in the dance industry”  So I won’t give up till God’s plan for me in the Dance Industry is fulfilled.

But note: my major motivation is Christ.

Cause He gave me the Gift and called me to be a Dancer.

My role model is Christ and in Dance Art is Michael Damaski


As a dancer, we believe in his journey he has worked and met with Numerous Dancers of his time and those he may likely look up to

Below are the Names of Dancers Ehmi Khid have Worked With


Outstanding Dancers  Worked With Are Adexzy_Zoe / Amazing Amy / deziry / Richie Emmanuel / Samuel Donatus / fresh Izzy / kaffy / mima Krump studios / Alexandra Pedro / baba Fiokee / Esther kingdom ballet / Buck ripper / Moe Ark / John K / Trace Gambo / Ukalina / Shola Dhance / Frank Robert / Imeak Gold Akpan /Titilayo Chirpynotion / Bgirl Cruxxy / Immanuel Akobi/ Zephyr Michaels/ Gift Ayegba/ Moses Samuel/ Victor Ace (of Blessed Memory)/ Benjamin Flames/ Danceblog Ng and many more!



  • Most dedicated dance artiste in Hype  Foundation.
  • Port Harcourt Kids got talent winner 2002
  • Emerge Talent hunt 2020 1st runner up.
  • #fortheloveofdancechallenge by krump studios 2nd position
  • Best of performance at ARTMOSPHERE REALITY TV SHOW


My achievement so far is being able to start up my EHMI KHID ART FOUNDATION & hosting one of the impactful and largest workshop in a decade now in Port Harcourt and one of the best in Nigeria.

And seeing lives change positively through my Art. That’s my greatest achievement of all.


Do You’ve Any Plans for Dance Industry in Nigeria?

Yes I do have great plans for the dance industry in Nigeria

One of it already unfolded which is the *WHAT IS DANCE WORKSHOP* that is here to change a lot of misconceptions in dance and answer a lot of questions in dance as well.


Tell Us About Your Current Dance Team

My current dance team is the best… Work with a lot though… @thezoedancers @acedanceacademy @ehmikhidartfoundation @lugbeartxommunity and many more sir


And that’s all that there’s to know about Ehmi Khid, wasn’t it inspiring

Yeah!, I know you’ll love it and be motivated.

To stay Connected with Ehmi Khid, follow him via his social media platforms now @Ehmikhid


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